A form will be sent to all participants, asking about flight and bus arrival times, to determine the best shuttle hours. All guests will be informed once this shuttle program is finalized. 


Saturday, 4th of January:


Sabiha Gokcen Airport → Acibadem University

Dudullu Coach Station → Acibadem University

Acibadem University → The Green Park Bostanci Hotel


Sunday, 5th of January:


The Green Park Bostanci Hotel → Acibadem University


Public Transport:


From the Istanbul Airport to our University:


‘Apostle’ busses are available from the airport, which can take you directly to ‘Yenisahra’ station. From here, there are a choice of buses such as 320A, 14A, 11T or 19T that you can take all the way to the university. Don’t forget to get off at the Station ‘Acibadem Universitesi’.



From the Sabiha Gokcen Airport to our University:


The bus ‘E11’ departs from the airport and can take you all the way to ‘Yenisahra’. From here, you must get to the other side of the highway using the pedestrian overpass. When you reach the other side of the ‘Yenisahra’ station, get on any of the 11T, 14A, 19T or 320A buses that are going to the ‘Kartal direction’ and get off at the stop called ‘Acibadem Universitesi’.


From the Dudullu Bus Station to our University:


You can take a taxi directly to ‘Acibadem Universitesi’.